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Qbitxpress is a fully automated trading robot that gives you full control of your investment, and allows you to withdraw your capital and profit at anytime, depending on the plan chosen!

Qbitxpress was established in 2001 in UK and has since expanded its base to other parts of the world. We have our main office at SavoyStrand, 105 Strand London WC2R 0AA,United Kingdom.

It was established by a group of professional traders and investors, who have fore seen the future of crytpo currency.

Qbitxpress capital is founded on the principle that cryptocurrencies is changing the fundamental structure of not only our economy and banking systems but also the way we connect and engage as human beings.


Years of Experience


Happy Clients



Security Comes First

Your security and trust are important to us. We're committed to protecting your account with the highest standards of security available..


We Are Trusted

Over $5B and counting - More than 175,000 people trust over $5 billion with Qbitxpress companies.


Strong Encryption

Everything is encrypted - We use state-of-the-art data encryption when handling your financial information.


Powerful backing

Powerful backing - Qbitxpress is backed by $265M in investment from some of the world's largest financial institutions.

What We Do

We’re building a new standard for crypto trading. One account, one balance, streamlined access to multiple liquidity venues.

Our Mission

Qbitxpress redefines the way we live; from "being smart" to "being wise". Our vision is to build a strong alliance and lasting partnership with our investors. A platform connecting individuals to create a community based on technology.

Qbitxpress as an investment project doesn't operate like the banking system nor HYIP. Funds deposited are allocated to different sectors of the company's Investment strategy.

  • Investors earn 1% daily.
  • Withdrawals are weekly and you have the option to reinvest after the completion of your cycle..
  • We also offer consultancy on Investments strategy.
  • 3.3% For $2,000,000 and above.
Account security and privacy

We take the security of our customers' accounts seriously. We employ strong browser encryption, secure data storage, and more. For details, read about our Security Practices..

We respect and protect the privacy of your information and will never share your data with a third party without your permission.

Always Available

Our desktop, web, and mobile platforms put powerful tools into the hands of traders and investors – helping to level the playing field in the competitive world of trading and investing.

  • Utilize real-time market data and order execution technology.
  • Access multiple Investment classes, including Crypto, Stocks and Options.
  • Our trading systems have a 99.999% uptime accuracy.
Mon - Sat 8.00 - 17.00
Sunday Closed
SavoyStrand, 105 Strand London WC2R 0AA,United Kingdom